Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sail Away

A nice easy tutorial

My Supplies HERE
Scrapkit Frame - 'Sail Away'- Oct 09 from
AussieScrapDesigns - HERE
Font of choice
Tube of choice

New white canvas 600 x 600

Copy & Paste the 'Sail Away' frame as a new Raster Layer

Copy & Paste your tube
Duplicate your tube, move original tube layer below frame.
Back on the duplicated tube layer, using your Eraser Tool, erase
any of the tube that is covering the frame - look at mine for example.

Give the duplicated tube this Drop Shadow

Now, back on your frame layer using your Freehand Selection Tool
with these settings

draw around the brown frame

copy & Paste the paper from my supplies.
Go to Selections - Invert & click delete on your keyboard.
Move paper layer to just above the Background Layer

Colorize the paper to match your tube

Cross out the eyes on your Background Layer & Merge Visible all other layers

Add your name & correct copyright - using your Crop Tool, crop most of the white background out.

Save as a *Png

This tutorial was written by ©Kate on 22nd October 2009.


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