Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spiked Halo

You will need:
A tube
Alien Skin Xenofex2 Plug-in Filter-Constellation

A new canvas 600 x 600 colour to match your tube

Paste your tube as a new layer - resize if needed
Duplicate - move the duplicate copy below layer 1
Adjust-Blur-Radial Blur with these settings

Effects-Distortion Effects-Twirl with these settings

Effects-Distortion Effects-Spikey Halo with these settings

You will find that the halo looks a bit out of place on the
right side - use your Freehand Selection Tool set to Point to Point
with these settings below

to cut away the parts you don't want. The feather will expand your selection
Click delet on your keyboard. Select None when you are happy with the result.

Duplicate the Spiked Halo layer 2 times to give you 3 layers.
Cross out the eyes on the duplicated layers making original Spiked Halo layer active
Go to Alien Skin Xenofex2-Constellation with these settings

Continue on with other 2 layers - remembering to uncross & cross out eyes as you go
clicking Random Speed.

Add your name & correct copyright.


Go back to the original Spike Halo, uncross the eyes making sure all other duplicated layers
have the eyes crossed out - Copy Merge - into Animation Shop - Paste as a New Animation.
Back to PSP - next copy, Copy Merged - AS Paste after Currant Frame.
Keep doing this for the next duplicated layer.
Your image in AS should have 3 frames. Click Ctrl A on your keyboard to Select All
Go to Animation - Frame Properties - 25
Save as a *Gif

This tutorial was written by ©Kate on 23rd November 2009.


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