Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Star Angel

Supplies HERE
You will need 3 tubes from the one artist
Font of your choice
Animation Shop

Open up the template from my supplies. Click SHIFT-D to duplicate
the template. You can now close original template.
Delete my TOU.

Go to IMAGE-CANVAS SIZE with these settings:

We will crop the final image later & resize it.

Click on Rectangle-1 - SELECT ALL-FLOAT-DEFLOAT- new raster layer,
recolour it from a dark colour from your tubes - don't de-select as yet.

Copy one of your tubes & paste it as a new layer, resize if need to, arranging it to the left,
SELECTIONS INVERT, hit delete on your keyboard - keep selected, copy another tube
& paste it as a new layer, resizing if need to - hit delete once more - SELECT NONE.

Make Rectangle-2 active - SELECT ALL-FLOAT-DEFLOAT - new raster layer, select a light colour
from your tubes & flood fill the new layer.SELECT NONE - EFFECTS-INNER BEVEL with these settings:

Give the new Rectangle-2 layer this drop shadow:

Cross out your Background layer & all layers above the Rectangle-2 layer - Make Rectangle-2 layer active

Uncross all other layers now.

Next step - Make Small Rectangles active - SELECT ALL-FLOAT-DEFLOAT-new Raster layer-Flood Fill
with the dark colour you had for the larger rectangle. SELECT NONE.

Make sMALL RECTANGLES-2 ACTIVE - do the same as above but flood fill them with the light colour.
Deselect - give them the same Inner Bevel as before & the same Drop Shadow

Make the Small Flowers active - do the same as above - flood fill them with a different colour from your tube.
Give them the same Drop Shadow.

Once again - Cross out the eyes on Background Layer & above Small Rectangles-2 - MERGE VISABLE

Next step - Make Stars-1 & 2 layers active - do the same as above, new raster layer, flood fill with dark colour.

Same for Stars-3 & 4 - flood fill with light colour-Inner Bevel & drop Shadow.
When you have done that - Merge Down Stars-1 & 2

With your Magic Wand with these settings:

Select Stars closest to the small rectangles 1st - Duplicate - Flood Fill with the colour you used for the small flowers
Select None - Onto the next Stars - same as above - remember to duplicated after you selected with your Magic Wand
When you have finished with the duplicated stars rename them - see my sample:

That way you won't get mixed up when Animating them

Make your Stars-4 layer active - Copy & Paste you 3rd tube as a new layer. Resize as required,
Time now to add the correct Copyright & Your name.

Time now to Use your Crop Tool & crop as much of the white as you can

Then I resized my image by 78% Bicubic - Resize All Layers ticked

Time to animate:

Cross out all the duplicated Stars layers

Copy Merge - Animation Shop - Paste As A New Layer
Back to PSP - Uncross Stars-1D - Copy Merged - AS - Paste After Currant Frame
Back to PSP - Cross out that layer & Uncross the next layer of duplicated Stars, Copy Merged,
AS - Paste After Currant Frame.
Continue this for the next layer. You should have 4 frames in your AS.

Go to EDIT-SELECT ALL in AS - Copy & Paste After Currant Frame - ANIMATION-REVERSE FRAMES.
Then EDIT-SELECT ALL once again - back to ANIMATION-FRAME PROPERTIES- type on 20

Save as a *Gif

This tutorial was written by ©Kate on 9th November 2009.


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