Monday, January 4, 2010

Lily Tutorial

You will need:
A tube of choice
Font of choice
Mask from my supplies HERE
Scrap Kit from Chica's 'Natural Jade' HERE

New white canvas 600x600

Open up the Mask from my supplies in your PSP

On your white canvas go to Selections-Select All. New Raster Layer,
Paste Paper_6 Into Selection-Select None.

New Mask Layer- From Image with these settings (sg_sweet-valentine)

Merge Group

Copy & Paste tube as a new layer - moving it to centre of heart in mask.
Give it this Drop Shadow

Copy & Paste Flower_Bloom2 as a new layer - resize 40% Bicubic-all layers un-checked.
Merge Down. Move flowers below tube layer. Give same drop shadow as before

Copy & Paste Lily_1 as a new layer - resize 45% Bicubic - all layers un-checked.
Move Lily to the left of your tube - move Lily layer under tube layer. Duplicate-Mirror.
Bring the mirrored layer above the tube layer. Give each Lily the same drop shadow.

Have top layer active. Copy & Paste either Bow_1 or Bow_2 as a new layer - resize 30% Bicubic,
all layers un-checked. Give same drop shadow.

Cross out eyes on bottom layer (white) Merge Visable all other layers. Resize Merged Layer 90% Bicubic,
all layers un-checked.

Add your name & correct Copyright. Merge Down. Copy & Paste as a New Image. Save as a *Png

This tutorial was written by ©Kate on 4th January 2010.


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