Friday, February 26, 2010

Feeling Lucky Tutorial

You will need:

A tube of your choice
I am using one from ©Creographix.
Scrapkit "Feeling Lucky" from Scrappybitoffun:
Just click on her download link
My supplies:
MuRa's Meister Plugin Filter - Copies
EyeCandy 4000 Plugin filter - Gradient Glow
DBS Flux - Bright Noise Plugin Filter
Animation Shop

New white canvas 750x700

Copy & paste my 'shamrock' template as a new layer
Selections-Select All-Float-Modify-Select Selection Boarders with these settings

Copy & paste SS-BNB_Train_Irish_Paper-3 as a new layer
Selections-Invert - hit delete.
You can now delete original shamrock template layer.

Magic Wand, click inside coloured Shamrock - Selections-Modify-Expand 4
Copy & paste SS-BNB_Train_Irish_Paper-2 as a new layer. Selections-Invert,
hit delete. Move this paper layer under coloured shamrock

Copy & paste SS-BNB_Irish_Element-28 as a new layer. Resize 35 Bicubic,
All Layers unchecked.
Plugin Filters-MuRa's Meister Copies-Encircle with these settings

Move the Encircled Flowers down under the coloured Shamrock template
Back on the coloured Shamrock layer - EyeCandy-Gradient Glow with these settings,
colour Bright Yellow- #ffff00

Copy & paste your tube as a new layer - you may have to resize your tube to suit
Give your tube the same EC Gradient Glow.

Copy & paste SS-BNB_Train_Irish_Element-33 as a new layer.
Copy & paste SS-BNB_Train_Irish_Element-8 as a new layer - resize 45 Bicubic-All Layers unchecked
Place the Pot-O-Gold to the right slightly.Give the Pot-O-Gold the same EC Gradient Glow.
Add any other of the Elements you like. When you are satified with your work, cross out the eyes on
the bottom white layer - Merge Visible all other layers. Uncross eyes on bottom layer.

Add your name & correct copyright. Merge Down.
Magic Wand with these settings

Click on the coins in the pot - have a nice covering of marching ants.

Duplicate 3 times to give you 4 layers. Cross out the eyes on top 3 layers,
having bottom layer of tube active

DBS Flux Filter with these settings

Cross out the eyes on that layer & make next layer active (uncross the eyes)
Click MIX 2 times - repeat this for next 2 layers increasing the clicks on Mix once
each time.Selections-None
We will resize at this stage - Image - Resize - I resized mine 75% - All Layers Checked


Make bottom tube layer active - uncross the eyes (make sure the other 3 layers have the
eyes crossed) - copy Merged - Animation Shop - paste as a New Animation. Back to PSP, cross out eyes
on that layer - uncross eyes on next layer, make that layer active - copy Merged - AS - Paste After
Currant Frame. Back to PSP, continue this for other 2 layers.
Go to Edit-Select All - save as a *Gif

This tutorial was written by ©Kate on 26th February 2010.


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