Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Shining Star Tutorial

You will need:

My supplies - mask & brush
Scrapkit called 'FD Shiny' from FantasyDreamsDesigns
The scrapkit includes the tube. But you can use any tube you like.
Drop Shadow we will be using throughout is: 1/3/100/12-Black
Preset Shapes-5 sided Star
Plugin Filters: dsbFlux-Bright Noise Filter
Flaming Pear-SBP Filter
Animation Shop

New white canvas 700x700

Open up my supplies - minimise Vix Mask &
Export my RaggedHeart Brush into your Custom Brush's. New Raster layer.
Open up one of the Papers from the scrapkit - have it as your foreground colour
in Patterns

Stamp the RaggedHeart Brush a few times to get a nice colour. Drop shadow.
Now make your bottom layer active (white)
Select a dark coloured paper from scrapkit - paste it as a new layer - New Mask
Layer-From Image- with these settings

Merge Group

Make top layer active - copy & paste one of the cluster flower elements as a new layer.
Drop shadow. Copy & paste one of the Flower Doodles as a new layer. Duplicate-Mirror &
move down to the left side. See mine for example. Merge Down the 2 Flower Doodles & move
under the Flower Cluster layer - drop shadow

Copy & paste your tube. If you use the one with the scrapkit you will need to resize her 45%
Bicubic-All layers unchecked. Please leave the copyright intact with the tube. Drop shadow

At this stage we will Merge the layers. Preset Shape - 5 sided Star - colour from your tube
as Background colour. Draw out a nice sized star like mine. Selections-Select All-Float-Defloat,
got to Effects-Plugins-FlamingPear-SBP with these settings

Keep Selected - give drop shadow - Duplicate 3 times to give you 4 layers of the star. Cross out the eyes on the 3 top layers
making the bottom star layer active - Effects-Plugin-dsbFlux-BrightNoise with these settings

Cross out the eyes on that layer, make next Star layer active, uncross the eyes - continue with the
filter but click 2 times on Mix. Do this for the remaining layers of the Star. When finished
go to Selections-Select None.

Add your name. Resize around 74% Bicubic-all layers checked.


Cross out all theyes on the Star layers except the 1st one - Copy Merged - Animation Shop,
Paste as a New Animation. Back to PSP, make next star layer active, uncross the eyes on this layer,
crossing out the eyes on the previous layer - AS - paste after currant frame. Continue to do this until
all the star layers have been carried over to AS. Go to Edit-Select All. Save as a *Gif

This tutorial was written by ©Kate on 8th April 2010.


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