Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shabby Love Tutorial

You will need:

My template

Tube - I used one from MichaelLandefeld
You need to be a registered member of CILM to buy his tubes
But any tube will do.
Scrapkit called 'Shabby Love' from DesignsByVaybs
Plugin Filter - Eyecandy 4000

Open up my template from supplies.

Delete my copyright.
Make Lg Rectangle layer active - Selections-Select All-Float-
Defloat & use one of the papers from the scrap kit. I used paper 12.
Copy & paste the paper as a new layer - Selections-Invert, hit delete.
Selections-None. You can now delete the original Lg Rectangle.

Make Sm Rectangles active - Selections-Select All-Float-Defloat.

Paste the same paper as you used before. Selections-Invert, hit delete
Selections-None You can delete the original layer of the Sm Rectangles now.

Make Heart layer active - Selections-Select All-Float-Defloat, paste the same paper

as before. Selections-Invert, hit delete. Selections-Select None.

Make Lg Rectangle Frame layer active - Selections-Select All-Float-Defloat.

Select 2 nice colours from you tube for you Foreground & Background in Material Palette.
Gradient with these settings

Flood Fill Tool, flood fill the selected frame. Effects-Plugins-Eyecandy4000-Glass

with these settings

Do the same for the Sm Rectangle Frames & the Heart Frame.

Give each frame layer this drop shadow

Back to the Lg Rectangle layer, Selections-Select All-Float-Defloat, paste your tube

as a new layer. You may have to resize it up to fill the space. Selections-Invert,
hit delete. Selections-None.

Cross out eyes on bottom layer (white) Merge Visible all other layers. Make image layer active,

resize 85% Bicubic-All layers unchecked. You may need to sharpen the image at this stage.
Copy & paste any of the elements from the scrap kit you like. You may need to resize them to fit nicely.
Give the elements the same drop shadow as before.
Make top layer active - paste your tube once more, resize if needed - Image-Mirror - have the tubes on each
of the Sm Rectangles - See mine as example.

Add your name & correct copyright. Crop Tool - crop to remove excess white background. You may need to resize

once more to your liking.
Save as a *Png

This tutorial was written by ©Kate on 11th April 2010.


Gail said...

Love this template. And I really liked my results. Thanks for the great tutorial.

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