Monday, April 26, 2010

Shimmering Star Tutorial

This tutorial we will be using one of our Preset Shapes.
There will be quite a few screen shots so please bear with me
as we go through each process.

You will need:

A cute tube - I used one of Chrissy Clark's tubes.
You must be a registered member of My Tag Art to purchase
the tubes, but you can use any tube you like.
Font - I used Castellar which came with my PSPX1.
Plugin Filters - Flaming Pear-SuperBladePro
- DSB Flux-Bright Noise
If you don't have these filters, you can use a nice supple Inner Bevel
& Add Noise.
My supplies - a mask. I can't remember where I got this mask from
If it is yours or you know where it comes from, please let me know
Animation Shop

New white canvas 700x700

We will resize before going into Animation Shop

select 2 colours from your tube for your Foreground & Background

Gradient with these settings

Preset Shapes - 8 sided star - width 12 - draw out a star 3/4 to fill your
canvas - Objects-Align-Centre In Canvas. Convert to Raster Layer.
Selections-Select All-Float-Defloat - SuperBladePro Filter-CoconutIce with
these settings

If you don't have that filter - use a nice supple Inner Bevel.
Keep selected - Selections-Modify-Select Selection Borders with these settings

New Raster Layer - Fllod Fill with a light colour from your tube. Keep Selected,
Use the SuperBladePro filter once more, same settings. Keep selected.
Duplicate 3 times to give you 4 layers. Cross out the eyes on top 3 layers,
making bottom selected layer active - DSB Flux Filter- Bright Noise with these settings

Once you have done that, cross out the eyes on that layer, make next layer active, uncross the
eyes - same Filter, click Mix 2 times - ok. Continue to do this for the next 2 layers, remembering
to cross our & uncroos the eyes each time. When you have finished - Selections-None.

Now, make you bottom layer (white) active new Raster Layer - Flood Fill with the Gradient you used before.
Open up the Mask from my supplies, minimise. New Mask Layer-From Image - with these settings

Merge Group.

Now, onto the Gradient Star you made - use this drop shadow

Use a dark colour from your tube.

Merge Down your Star to the Mask layer.
Make top layer active - copy & paste your tube as anew layer. Give your tube the same drop shadow.
Add your name & correct copyright. Crop Tool - crop around to remove excess white backgroud.
Resize - I resized mine 74% Bicubic-all layers checked.


Make the original Star Frame active - Copy Merged - Animation Shop - Paste as a new Animation.
Back to your PSP, cross the eyes out on that layer, make next layer active, uncrossing the eyes.
Copy Merged - AS - Paste After Currant Frame. Continue to do this until you have all 4 duplicated
copies in AS.

Go the Edit-Select All - save as a *Gif

This tutorial was written by ©Kate on 26th April 2010.


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