Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sit On This Tutorial

You will need:

A sitting or laying tube.
I use a free one from ©LisaK-SophisticatedScraps
If you use her cute lil tubes please use this copyright
Slatt - I used one of ©Moonshadows Slatts. I have included the Slatt in my supplies
Font - I used 'Fingerpop' - in my supplies
Plugin Filters-Eyecandy-4000 & Tramages

New white canvas 800x700

We will crop this later
Open up my supplies - minimise the font for now. Copy & paste the Slatt as
a new layer.
Selections-Select All-Float-Defloat - new raster layer. Select 2 colours from your
tube for the foreground & background colours. On the foreground -gradient with these settings

Flood Fill Tool - floodfill the new layer with your gradient. Keep selected, go to Effects,
Plugins-Eyecandy4000-Glass with these settings

Selections-Select None. Delete the black Slatt layer. Give your new Slatt layer this drop shadow

Move your Slatt over to left of your canvas - duplicate-Mirror. It should look like this

Merge Down - resize 90% Bicubic-all layers unchecked. Duplicate - on the bottom Slatt layer, go to
Adjust-Blur-Gaussian Blur 25. Plugin Filters-Tramages-TeeWee with the default settings.

Make top layer active - copy & paste your tube as a new layer. Place the tube centre of the Slatt.
Give your tube the same drop shadow as before. Reverse your foreground & background in Material Palette

Select your Text Tool - have Fingerpop as your font-size 72-Stroke 2.0-Kern -25, make the Slatt layer active
& type in what ever wording you like. Grab the bottom, centre nodule & pull down to give some depth to the wording

Effects-Plgins-Eyecandy4000-Glass-Settings-Clear Glass with these settings

Back to Eyecandy4000-Gradient Glow with these settings - WHITE

Pheww - that's it for the scene shots. I included all of them
for those that aren't familiar with Eyecandy4000 settings

Add your name & do the same with your name as you did with the wording.
Add correct copyright. When you have finish - Crop Tool - crop to remove excess white background.
Resize around 70-74% Bicubic-All Layers Checked.
Save as a *Png

This tutorial was written by ©Kate on 8th April 2010.


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