Wednesday, May 5, 2010

By The Sea Tutorial

Click on image to see larger version
You will need:

Template 10 from Teresa'
Ocean Photo & Fonts - I have in my supplies
Or you can use a ocean photo of your own
HERE-My 4Share
Tube - I am using one from Steve Baiers.
You will need to be a registered member of UpYourArt to purchase
the tubes, but any nice tube will do.
Plugin Filters:
Screeworks - - Flaming Pear-SBP-M.CoconutIce - Eyecandy 4000

In this tutorial, there is a fair bit of work with layers & we will be using a
few of the Ding Fonts from SC By The Sea for the Elements.
it can be a little time consuming. Please take your time as lead you through &
I will give you the alphabet letters & sizes but you can use which ever you like.
Remember also to save quite often in case your PSP program decides to shut down.

Open up the Template - Shift D to copy it. Close off the original Template. Delete
the copyright & the word SWEET.
Open up & minimise my or your Ocean photo.
There are a lot of layers to this template, so we will do each one slowly so you
can stay with me,lol. Remember to delete each original layer after we have finished it.

Make the Circle layer active - Selection All-Float-Defloat - new Raster layer - Selections-Modify,
Expand 8 - flood fill with a colour from your tube. Move this layer below the original Circle layer,
keep selected. Plugin Filters - Screenworks-Canvas Mesh - keep selected.
Make original Circle active - Selections-Modify-Contract 8 - new raster layer - copy
& paste Ocean Photo into Selection. Selections-None. Delete original Circle layer.

Merge Down Strip 2 & strip 1 - Select All-Float-Defloat - Selections-Modify-Expand 8, flood fill
with colour you used before. Plugin Filter-Screenworks-Canvas Mesh as before.
Make origianl Strip layer active - Selections-Contract 8 .Move this layer
below original Strips layer. New rater layer, paste your Ocean photo into Selection. Selections-None.
Delete original Strips layer.
Delete Strip 3, we won't be using it.

Make Bracket layer active - Select All-Float-Defloat - new Raster layer, flood fill with colour-Plugin Filter,
Screenworks as before.Keep selected.Move below original Brackets layer. Make original Bracketrs layer active,
new Raster layer - paste your Ocean photo into Selection. Selections-None.

At this stage we will use the Ding Font to create some Elements. Make the very top layer active so you
can see what we are doing. Have the same colour as you used before.
Have your font stroke set at 90 - use lowercase Q for the ships wheel

Convert to Raster layer - Select All-Float-Defloat- Plugin Filters-Flaming Pear-SBP-M.CoconutIce.
Selections-None. Plugin Filters-Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow with these settings

Duplicate-Mirror-Merge Down
Now, we need to move this layer down below the coloured Bracket layer. Do this slowly.
Next we will do the Seashells & Star Ding fonts. Same stroke & colour as before. Make very top layer
active. For the Seashell - I use alphabet F-lowercase. You can use whatever Seashell you like. Plugin Filters
the same as above. Selections-None.Place to left bottom side of Template. Duplicate-Mirror (see mine for example)
For the Star I used G, lowercase. Duplicate-Mirror.
For the Rope I used P, lowercase. I used the Deform tool to squish the Rope down a bit & to angle it. Place it
up top just below the Ships Wheel - Duplicate-Mirror.

Hope you are still with me on this,lol

Back to the Template - make the Photo Mat layer active-Select All-Float-Defloat - new Raster
layer - paste your Ocean photo into Selection. Selections-None.
Go to Frame 3 in layers - Merge Down, same next layer, so all the Frames are merged together.
Select All-Float-Defloat - new Raster layer, flood fill with colour.Plugin Filter-Screenworks as before.
Selections-None. Delete original Frames layer.

Almost done - phewwwwwww.

You can use the flowers in the Template if you like or delete them. Make top layer active.
Copy & paste your tube as a new layer. Give your tube this drop shadow

For the sand, I used the Grass from my Picture Tube Tool - Scale 100. Then I used The Colour Changer Tool
to colourise it. Then I moved that layer below my Tube layer.

Cross out eyes on very bottom layer (white), Merge Visible all other layers. Uncross the eyes on bottom layer.
Make your image layer active - resize 80% Bicubic-all layers unchecked. Duplicate & on the original image layer,
Adjust-Blur-Gaussian Blur 35 - Plugin and Cross, default settings. Do this 3 times for a
nice effect. Make top layer active - Merge Down.
Add your name & correct copyright. Crop Tool - crop to remove excess white background. I resized mine 72% Bicubic
all layers CHECKED. Save as a *Png

All Done 

This tutorial was written by ©Kate on 5th May 2010.


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