Thursday, June 3, 2010

Icecream Tutorial

You will need:

A tube - I used one of CEI Stickers.
You must be a registered member of MPT to
purchase the tubes - but any tube will do.
My supplies which include IcecreamSoda Font,
my Template-36 & Icecream Cone Picture Tube.
Kates 4Share

Open up my template-36 from supplies plus the font
if you are using it - minimise the font for now.
Delete my TOU layer on template. Make bottom layer active
(white - go to Image-Canvas Size with these settings

That will give us some room to work with & we will resize at the end.
Pick 2 colours from your tube - light for foreground colour, darker for
background colour in your Material Palette
Gradient with these settings

Make the Rectangle layer active-Select All-Float-Defloat - new raster layer,
flood fill with your gradient colour. Keep selected - Effects-3D Effects-Inner
Bevel with these settings

Selections-Non. Do the same with the 2 Doodle layers.
Copy & paste your tube as a new layer - resize if needed. Move your tube to the
left of the rectangle. Give this drop shadow

Make the rectangle layer active - Magic Wand, click inside of the star-Selections-Modify,
Expand 3 - new raster layer, flood fill with gradient. Move this layer below the rectangle layer.
Keep selected - paste your tube once more, move so you have a part of the tube showing in the star,
Selections-Invert, hit delete. Selections-Invert once more - move the tube part below the rectangle
layer - make rectangle layer active - give drop shadow as before. Selections-None.

Cross out the eyes on the bottom layer (white) - Merge Visible all other layers. Resize 85% Bicubic-
all layers unchecked. Duplicate & on the original merged image - Adjust-Blur-Gaussian Blur 12.
Effects-Texture Effects-Straw Wall with these settings

Have the colour a light colour from your tube.
Copy & paste the Icream Cone tube as a new layer - resize 55% Bicubic-all layers unchecked, move it
to wherever you like it. Add your name & correct copyright. cross out eyes on bottom layer (white),
Merge Visible all other layers. Crop Tool - crop excess white background. Copy & paste as a New Image
on your workspace. Your image should have a transparent background. Resize if needed. I resized mine
87% Bicubic-all layers CHECKED. Save as a *Png

This tutorial was written by ©Kate on 3rd June 2010.


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