Saturday, July 31, 2010

Taffy Tutorial

You will need:

Tube - I used one of CEI cuties. You need to be a registered
member of MyPSPTubes(MPT) to purchase them, but any tube will do.
Scrap kit called 'Taffy' from Baby Cakes Scraps
My supplies - TaffyTemplate
Font I used is called 'Brush Script MT'

Open up my TaffyTemplate - click SHIFT D to copy it. Delete the original
template. Delete my TOU layer. Make bottom layer active (white), go to IMAGE-
CANVAS SIZE with these settings

Make the template layer active. MAGIC WAND - click inside of small circle. Selections-
Modify-Expand 6. New Raster layer - flood fill with a colour from your tube.

Selections-None. Move this layer down. Make top layer active. MAGIC WAND click on
small circle border - Selections-Modify-Expand 1 - new Raster Layer. Select 2 colours
from your - light for foreground - dark for background in your Material Palette. Gradient
with these settings

Flood fill with your gradient colour. Selections-None.
EFFECTS-INNER BEVEL with these settings.

Back on Tempalte layer - MAGIC WAND click inside large circle - copy & paste a paper from
scrap kit as a new layer. Keep Selected - add this drop shadow

Selections-None. MAGIC WAND click large circle border - Selections-Modify-Expand 1. New Raster
layer - flood fill with your gradient. Selections-None - give the same Inner Bevel as before.
Add drop shadow as before. Move this layer up one. You can now delete the copied template layer.

Copy & paste your tube as a new layer placing it over small circle. Like mine. Carefully erase any
of the tube that may be protruding out side the small circle. Give your tube the same drop shadow
as before.

Copy & paste the Destressed Ribbon from the scrap kit as a new layer. Resize 80% Bicubic-all layers
unchecked. Move the ribbon below your tube layer. Carefully erase any of the ribbon protruding outside
the template. Give drop shadow.

Copy & paste the Floral Spray from the scrap kit as a new layer. Move to the left of the template. Carefully
erase any of the stems protruding out from template. Duplicate - IMAGE-MIRROR. Move these layers below the
ribbon layer.

Copy & paste one of the Butterflies from the scrap kit as a new layer. Resize 45% Bicubic-all layers unchecked.
PLace where you like - duplicate - IMAGE-MIRROR. Give each butterfly the drop shadow.

Add your name & correct copyright. Cross out eyes on bottom layer (white) MERGE VISIBLE all other layers. Open
eyes up. Resize 80% Bicubic-all layers CHECKED. Make your merged image active, click on blue bar at top -
COPY & paste as a NEW LAYER on your workspace. Your image should now have a transparent background.
Save as a *Png.

This tutorial was written by ©Kate on 31st July 2010.


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