Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello Tutorial

**As with a lot of my tutorials, I use free scrap kits from a lot of different scrap kit makers.
I do include the link to the site/page those scrap kits can be obtained from, but sometimes
those scrap kits become no longer available or the site closes. When this happens, I do devour
to add a new link, but if I don't, please use another scrap kit of your choice that is almost
the same as the one that I used in my tutorials. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.**

You will need:

Tube - I used one of Suzanne Wollcott little cuties.
You need to be a registered member of
to purchase her tubes, but any tube will do.
Scrap kit called 'Chic' from Bel Vidotti
Scroll down the page a little till you see the link for 'Chic'
Plugin Filter:
dsb Flux-Bright Noise.
Font I used is called 'Century Gothic'

New white canvas 700x700

Copy & paste Chice67 from scrap kit as a new layer. Resize 85% Bicubic-all layers
Freehand Selection Tool - draw around the frame like this

Copy & paste a paper from scrap kit as a new layer. I resized the paper 65% Bicubic-all
layers unchecked - but that is your choice. Selections-Invert, hit delete. Selections-None.
Move paper layer below frame layer. I used the Colour Changer Tool to change the colour to suit my
tube - that choice is yours.

Make top layer active - copy & paste either Chice39-40-41 or 42 as a new image. Freehand Selection Tool,
draw around the Angled Ribbon - Copy & paste as a new layer over the frame. Image-Mirror, move across so
that the angled ribbon is covering the flap on the frame

Add this drop shadow

Copy & paste Chice12 from scrap kit as a new layer. Move across so that Diamond centre covers stud on
the angled ribbon. Give drop shadow.

Copy & paste either Chice33-34 or 35 from scrap kit as a new layer. Resize 75% Bicubic-all layers unchecked.
Adjust-Sharpen. Add drop shadow. Move across to the right bottom of frame.

Copy & paste one of the Flowers with leaves from scrap kit as a new layer. Resize 55% Bicubic-all layers unchecked.
Move to top right of frame.

Copy & paste one of the Butterflies from scrap kit as a new layer. Resize 55% Bicubic-all layers unchecked.
Image-Mirror - move across over the Flower.

Copy & paste your tube as a new layer - give drop shadow & place tube where it will look nice.
Cross out eyes on bottom layer (white) MERGE VISIBLE all other layers. Resize merged image 90% Bicubic-all
layers unchecked. Magic Wand with these settings

Open eyes up
click inside the wings of the Butterfly, the Heart & the petals of the flower on the frame

Duplicate 3 times to give you 4 layers of your merged image. Cross out eyes on top 3 layer, making original
merged image layer active - Plugin Filter-dsb Flux-Bright Noise with these settings

Cross out eyes on that layer, make next layer active, uncross the eyes - add Filter once more but click MIX
2 times. Continue doing this for the other 2 layers. Once finished go to Selections-None. Have your top layer
active - add your name & correct copyright.

Crop Tool - crop excess white background. Resize 87% Bicubic-all layers CHECKED.


Make your bottom merged image active - have eyes open. Closs off the eyes on top 3 layers - Copy Merged.
Animation Shop - Paste as a New Animation. Back to your PSP, cross out eyes on bottom merged layer,
open eyes on next merge layer - make it active. Copy Merged - AS - click image - Paste After Currant Frame.
Back to your PSP, do the same with remaining 2 merged layers - AS - keep Pasting After Currant Frame.
You should now have 4 frames in your Animation Shop.

Click Edit-Select All - you should now have a blue frame around your 4 frames. Save as a *Gif

This tutorial was written by ©Kate on 27th August 2010.


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