Thursday, August 26, 2010

Story Time Tutorial

**As with a lot of my tutorials, I use free scrap kits from a lot of different scrap kit makers.
I do include the link to the site/page those scrap kits can be obtained from, but sometimes
those scrap kits become no longer available or the site closes. When this happens, I do endeavor
to add a new link, but if I don't, please use another scrap kit of your choice that is almost
the same as the one that I used in my tutorials. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.**

You will need:

Tube or Tubes - I used a PayForUse set from Tooshtoosh
but you can use any tubes you like as long as they
are from the same artist.
Scrap kit called 'Rainbow Fling' from Designs By Vabs
My 'StoryTime' template
Plugin Filter:
Eyecandy 4000-Gradient Glow
Font I used 'BaaBookHmkBold'

Open up my 'StoryTime' template, click Shift D to copy it. Delete original template.
Make bottom layer active (white) - go to Image-Canvas Size with these settings

Make top layer active - delete my TOU.
Down to Doodles layers - merge the 2 Doodles together (Merge Down top to bottom). Select All-
Float-Defloat - copy & paste a paper from scrap kit as a new layer - Selections-Invert, hit delete.
Effects-3D Effects-Inner Bevel with these settings

Delete original Doodle layer.
Make Sm Rectangle-1 layer active - Magic Wand, click - new raster layer, flood fill with a colour
from your tube - Selections-None. Plugin Filter-Eyecandy 4000-Gradient Glow with these settings

Add this drop shadow

Delete original layer. Magic Wand, click Sm Rectangle-2 - copy & paste a paper from the scrap kit as
a new layer - Selections-Invert, hit delete. Selections-None - add same Gradient Glow as before. No
drop shadow. Delete original layer.

Do this with all the Rectangles - remembering to flood fill the backs & paste papers to the fronts,
adding the Gradient Glows each time.

When you have finished - cross out eyes on bottom layer (white) MERGE VISIBLE all other layers.
Open the eyes up.

Copy & paste Element 49 from scrap kit as a new layer. Move this layer below your merged image. Make top
layer active - add any other of the Elements you like.

Copy & paste your tube/tubes as new layers. Add your name & correct copyright. Cross out eyes again on bottom
layer - MERGE VISIBLE all other layers. Open eyes up again. Crop Tool - crop excess white background. Click COPY
on top blue bar & PASTE as a NEW IMAGE on your workspace. Resize 90% Bicubic-all layers CHECKED.
Save as a *Png.

This tutorial was written by ©Kate on 26th August 2010.


Ka'ipolani said...

Kate this is such a CUTE tag....Love it :)

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