Sunday, June 13, 2010

Attitude Tutorial

You will need:

Tube - I used one of PinUpToons tubes. You need
to be a registered member of CILM to purchase the tubes,
but any tube will do.
Font - I used Showcase Gothic which came with my PSPX1.
It is a Pay For Use font, so I can't supply it. Any bulky
font will do though.
Plugin Filters:
Eyecandy 4000-Glass
Mask 174 from WeeScotLass Creations

There are a few screen shots with this tutorial so please bear with me.

New white canvas 700x700

Preset Shapes-5 sided Star - have your foreground Black - Width 20,
Anti-alias-Create as Vector.

Draw out a large star on your canvas. Objects-Align-Centre of Canvas.
Convert to Raster layer. Magic Wand - click inside the black frame-Selections-
Modify-Contract 3. New raster layer-Flood Fill Tool-flood fill with a colour from your tube.
Selections-None. Effects-Texture Effects-Blinds with these settings

Back on original Star layer - Magic Wand, click inside star-Selections-Modify-Expand 3.
New raster layer Flood Fill with a gradient made from colours from your tube.

Keep selected, move this layer below star layer. Plugin Filters-Xero-Fritillary with these settings

Selections-None. Make the top layer active, give this drop shadow

Make original star layer active & give same drop shadow.
Copy & paste your tube as a new layer - give same drop shadow. Cross out eyes on bottom layer
(white) Merge Visible all other layers. Open eyes up on bottom layer & make it active. New raster
layer - flood fill with the gradients you used before. New Mask Layer From Image with these settings

Merge Group - move the mask layer down a little. With a chunky font, write your saying. Also use
that font to write your name. Plugin Filters-Eyecandy 4000-Glass the words.

Cross out eyes on bottom layer once more - Merge Visible all other layers. Open eyes on bottom layer.
Crop Tool - crop excess white background. Copy & paste your merged image as a New Image on your workspace.
It should have a transparent background. Resize if needed. Save as a *Png.

This tutorial was written by ©Kate on 13th June 2010.


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